The Perfect Solution for Polishing and Brighting of Jewelery.

The "MULTI-MAG" Industrial Finisher



Magnetic Tumblers are very effective way to pre-polish and depending on the piece polish to a bright finish especially the undersides of rings, filigree design and prongs, channels and other hard to reach places that take extensive time and work are almost impossible to polish manually.


The "MULTI-MAG" unit is workhorse, A powerful and large capacity Magnetic Tumbler that has proven itself over the years with Hundreds of sales.



Media Pins is a Patented Product.


The larger media diameter () X (mm), the higher grinding force is SUS and Iron (Steel) are applied to 0.55 mm or above, and Titanium, AI, Brass, ZN and lighter materials are applied 0.5 mm or below.


for the Patented Media Pins, Wire Rods are imported directly from Japan for precision manufacturing so polishing and surface roughness are excellent.



Gems Smith MF 610 is a Mildly Acidic, Finishing product for high speed burnishing and tumbling of non-ferrous and ferrous metals using Magnetic Needles.


Gems Smith MF 610 contains special lubricating additives and produces a lustrous and polished finish to non-ferrous metals such as Copper and its alloys, Aluminum and Aluminum alloys, Zinc Nickel-Silver and their alloys.



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